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Time to bounce back

When I went out there in the ninth inning, my first playoff game, I was pumped up. I was excited. I felt like I had everything right where I wanted it. I wasn’t nervous. It was pretty surprising to me how calm I was.

I just felt like I was right where I was supposed to be, and everything was going like it should. I got Manny Ramirez out, did what I wanted to. But something like what happened with James Loney, it happens.

I’ll take a ball hit at Matt Holliday any time. He’s going to do whatever he can.

After that, Casey Blake came up. ‘Dunc’ came out and told me not to give him anything good to hit. If I walk him, that’s fine. That’s what I ended up doing.

Then it was Ronnie Belliard. He hadn’t done anything with a curveball all day or yesterday — every time I’ve faced him, really. It’s just another one of those things. There’s nothing you can do when the ball doesn’t hit outfield grass and it goes through the hole. It could have just as easily have gone to Lugo or Brendan.

The pitch that Mark Loretta hit was a decent pitch. I went and looked at it. I pounded him in and it was blooped in. There’s nothing you can do about those. Those aren’t going to fall in that much. But still, that one did.

Now, we get on a plane to go back home. I think everybody knows that we’ve got to come out Saturday ready to go. Everybody will think about it tonight, and tomorrow we’ll go work out and get back to normal on Sunday.