It’s just about time to get started

Yesterday was an exciting day. I wasn’t going home for the offseason, for the first time in a long time.

I got to the ballpark yesterday and had a good workout. I went out and threw a bullpen after pitching Saturday but not Sunday. I was happy with how it looked. Then we got on a bus to the airport.

It felt like it was about a six-hour flight out here, with a big headwind that slowed us down. But it went by quickly because I had the sixth season of “24” to watch along the way.

And then today, I got up, went downstairs to have some breakfast. We came to the ballpark and had a good day here. We had our meetings, went over the hitters from the Dodgers, and there you go.

It’s exciting in the clubhouse right now on the day before the playoffs start. It’s definitely exciting. There’s a good feeling in here.  


Good luck tonight – we’re all rooting for you in StL! I will be in attendance on Saturday, hopefully we will be sweeping the Dodgers that day! 🙂

You guys have the best team in the NL with the most talent! All of MO is behind you so do the best you can and the better team will win!! Go Cards!!! ~ from Cards fans in Spfd MO

The vibe is back! Welcome to Red October!

Now, as for you & teammates’ relaxation outside of the games, who’s keeping up on what? You mentioned 24, what else is everyone following (either on DVD or DVR/TiVo)?

Hey Ryan! Good luck to you and to the team tonight! Remember, you have had an outstanding season and you are as good or better than any closer in the game. From one Okie to another–take ’em to the woodshed, Ryan!

Sorry you could not win tonite, but please do not get too frustrated. Tomorrow is another day. Waino will do well on the mound, and you guys will win. We look forward to you guys coming home on Saturday to a friendly sea of red!

A faithful fan,

You ******* suck Franklin. Sign your contract extension and then you can’t get a blind person out. That is your track record, pitch well enough, get an extension then blah. Actually I guess the blame should go to LaRussa and Mozeliak for thinking you could be a closer. Great job, now we get to go home and lose this series on our home field. You should refund your game check. What a joke. I hope they trade you, cut Thurston, trade Thompson, and use the money Glaus frees up so we can sign Holliday. We would have been better off with Motte as our closer.

i won’t say what i feel, but you know how it sucks to blow such a great game wainwright had going. you just had one out, maybe tell holliday to quit eating sunflower seeds and concentrate on playing baseball. but after that the last out was still on you. maybe you shouldn’t have gotten a contract until after the season. i just hope we don’t lose this series in stl.

I think Tony needs to take a better look at Franklin and realize he is no closer and the only different from him and Izzie is the year. Franklin couldn’t strike out a little leaguer much less a pro baller. His outings must have a negitave effect on Wainewright and the rest of the team. I knew when Franklin was brought in to close game two that the Cards were done. I am a die hard Cardinal fan but enough is enough. Franklin is a looser and makes it hard for fans to have hope when he is in the game. Dump the bumb


Don’t listen to the ppl that would complain, win or loose. You do a great job for the cards. I have faith in you and will be watching every second tonight. I never miss a game, ever and will be very sad if tonight is it. I know it won’t be! Don’t count the cards out by a long shot! Go cardinals!!!!!!!!!!

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