Time to bounce back

When I went out there in the ninth inning, my first playoff game, I was pumped up. I was excited. I felt like I had everything right where I wanted it. I wasn’t nervous. It was pretty surprising to me how calm I was.

I just felt like I was right where I was supposed to be, and everything was going like it should. I got Manny Ramirez out, did what I wanted to. But something like what happened with James Loney, it happens.

I’ll take a ball hit at Matt Holliday any time. He’s going to do whatever he can.

After that, Casey Blake came up. ‘Dunc’ came out and told me not to give him anything good to hit. If I walk him, that’s fine. That’s what I ended up doing.

Then it was Ronnie Belliard. He hadn’t done anything with a curveball all day or yesterday — every time I’ve faced him, really. It’s just another one of those things. There’s nothing you can do when the ball doesn’t hit outfield grass and it goes through the hole. It could have just as easily have gone to Lugo or Brendan.

The pitch that Mark Loretta hit was a decent pitch. I went and looked at it. I pounded him in and it was blooped in. There’s nothing you can do about those. Those aren’t going to fall in that much. But still, that one did.

Now, we get on a plane to go back home. I think everybody knows that we’ve got to come out Saturday ready to go. Everybody will think about it tonight, and tomorrow we’ll go work out and get back to normal on Sunday.


  1. orc186@aol.com

    I understand that Belliard wasnt able to anything with the curveball all day today or yesterday but let’s face it, your curveball is not in the same league as Carp or Adam. You blew it, dont post excuses on here. If Dunc gave you advice not to give in to Blake and it doesnt mean much if you walk him then I guess Dunc is starting to believe his own crap. Cardinal fans will be much happier if his contract along with LaRussa’s is not renewed. With the talent those two have coached over the years to have only two world series wins should be a sign that they are not as good as they think they are.

  2. crzblue2

    Dodger fan here and season ticket holder at Dodger Stadium. I am glad I found this blog so that I can read about the game from a player’s point of view. Is great to read what is going on told by a player.
    I would not go to St Louis since I am 0-4 lifetime attending games there. All I would say is that I have met some wonderful Cardinal fans there that I considered my friends.
    Emma _bleeding Dodger Blue!

  3. portist@yahoo.com

    Franklin. I’m sorry but you are not doing your job. in any other business, if you close a few big accounts at first, you look like a champ. However, over time if you fail to keep closing accounts then you will have a review and ultimately be fired. You have not done your job since the all-star break. Wellemeyer is the same. That kid cannot pitch one single inning without the opponent scoring at least one run or worse. I don?t know why we continuously, time after time, keep running into a closer problem. I also believe it is time for Duncan to go and lets get some fresh blood to coach these guys. I hold the highest respect for you and your profession Ryan, but you, along with a few others on the pitching roster, are not doing your job.

  4. kk285@att.net

    Adam W was awesome!!! TLR had to make a decision to go bullpen by committee before the playofffs started. Franklin has been struggling, couldn’t get the division title wrapped up. Why Ryan batting second? A rookie over Da Rosa? If DaRosa was hitting second we would have won both games. Now its probably all over. Sometimes TLR gets stubborn like when he allowed MCClellan’s fiasco against the Brewers.

    Go team!! Maybe we can do something no other team has. come back to win after 0-2 in a 5 game series!!!!

    Kenny K

  5. cubs_blow

    Keep Your head up Ryan. Don’t listen to these armchair GMs who criticize every call Tony makes. Everybody thinks they could do a better job than the pros, if they knew what they were talking about they would be sitting in the dugout with you. Dosen’t anybody remember the red sox coming back against the yanks when they were down 3-0? These things happen in baseball, which is why its the best sport. Get 2 in STL and Carp will be back on the mound for game 5 to close it out. Show support for your team, or go ahead and get yourselves a cubs hat!

  6. joe.w.thomas@gmail.com

    The last two games are history; Saturday we’re in the confines of comfortable Busch Stadium. Ryan, I don’t know if you read these comments, but don’t pay any attention to the people that just signed in to say something negative about your performance. The outcome was unfortunate but it will just make victory that much better. I’ve been a Cards fan since birth, and you haven’t disappointed me.

    Losses keep us humble, let’s look forward now to Saturday at Busch!

  7. kiddin5@gmail.com

    Kenny K,
    “Maybe we can do something no other team has. come back to win after 0-2 in a 5 game series!!!!”

    4 teams have come back from an 0-2 deficit in a Divisional Series (’95 Mariners, ’99 Red Sox, ’01 Yankees, ’03 Red Sox)!

    Oh and by the way, it’s DeRosa.

    Go Cardinals! Get em fellas!

  8. matthewcate@yahoo.com

    Kiddin: It has never been done by a National League team.

    Last night was tough, but we have to put it behind us and play one game at a time. You have our support Ryan! GO CARDS!

  9. thedjmic

    To the “best fans in baseball” here. Take your vitrol to the boards.

    Ryan take the time to blog here and you guys take shots and him and his coach’s.

    You “experts” tell him how to do his job, then go upstairs to get something to eat.

    Take it to the boards where you can test your managing skills with the best idiots.


  10. tedtoad78@yahoo.com

    Wow, STL fans giving a player advice like they know how to play this game. Save it, cause next time I hope Franklin comes to McDonalds and tells you not to leave the fries in the grease to long or stop spitting in people sandwichs. Franklin as a fan it did hurt to see you guys lose a close one, especially since you guys had this one. A true fan though believes you can rebound at home and hope to bring it back to L.A.

  11. 1908rofl


    That’s a tough loss, it really is. I watched Hollidays error over and over and that ball dropped on him. Me, a baseball player, know that that was not a routine fly ball. It was a sinking line drive that jammed him, his hands are up but then it falls on him and he is forced to flip his glove down and bring his wrist up. It’s one of those plays that looks easy but its actually really hard. I know where you were going with walking Casey Blake, I had him on my fantasayTeam for a while and hes a good hitter, I wouldn’t let him hit in that situation either.

    All you and the rest of CardinalNation can do is look forward at our home games and cheer you guys on, how great would it be to bounce back and win 3 straight, no 10 straight!

  12. muddly17

    ORC- Why would cardinals fans not want one of the winningest managers of all time and one of the most successful pitching coaches to return? I would be happy if both contracts are renewed. Yeah LaGenius overmanages but how many wins has the gotten us as opposed to losses? I don’t think you should be speaking for Cardinal nation. My suggestion would be for you to go back to your cave and root for the cubs.
    Kenny K- 4 teams have come back to win LDS after going down 0-2. In fact, if the Cardinals win two more games, history says that they will win the third one.
    Ryan(if you really do write this blog and read it for that matter) keep your head up and don’t be a mental midget. We have a good chance still.
    The following is not mine but works anyways:

    Busch Stadium is not our house.

    So I will not waste your time this morning talking about the importance of the Cardinals protecting our house in Game 3 of the NLDS. I will not broach the obscenity of seeing Los Angeles players spilling champagne on our living-room carpet.

    Busch Stadium is not our house.

    It’s much more important than that.

    It’s where many of us watched our first game, caught our first foul ball, begged for our first autograph.

    It’s where Gibby ruled the mound, where Brock ran like the wind, and where Ozzie made all the folks go crazy.

    It’s where the El Birdos dominated, where Sutter struck out the last batter of 1982, where Mike Shannon has worked since the joint opened in 1966.

    The Ol’ Redhead managed there. Stan the Man played his harmonica there. The White Rat led us back to glory there.

    This is where Gussie drove the Clydesdales, where Willie McGee tracked down fly balls, where Joaquin Andujar summed up his philosophy of life in one simple word: Youneverknow.

    This is where Big Mac smacked No. 70, where Tommy Lawless flipped his bat, where GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY…BRUMMER’S STEALING HOME!!!!!!!

    This is where The Mang put out an “I” and Waino and Carp raced for a Cy.

    Ted Simmons played there. Kenny Boyer managed there. And a beloved old man in a bright red jacket told a mournful nation why it was good and right to play baseball after Sept. 11.

    My friends, Jack Buck’s coffin rested on that field. Darryl Kile pitched his last game there. And many of cannot walk into that stadium without thinking of loved ones who are no longer with us.

    Not tomorrow.

    We don’t lose tomorrow.

    Not against the Dodgers. Not against a pitcher named Vicente Padilla. Not against a lesser team.

    Not in Busch Stadium.

    No, it’s not our house.

    It’s simply the place where our memories congregate, where our baseball dreams are stored, where the voices of millions of fans and the ghosts of seasons past await their call to arms.

    Folks, it’s time to wake ’em up

  13. tjketelaar@msn.com

    We have tickets to the first game of the NLCS at Busch. We want to use those ticket!! Go Cardinals! This is the kind of comeback the Redbirds are known for…when the chips are down, they rally! C’mon! Let’s win three straight!

  14. rochebd@gmail.com


    Definitely a tough loss for everyone to swallow. Just wanted to say that some of us Cardinal fans still support you and the team no matter what happens. We all have bad days and it’s ridiculous to expect to win every game. I have no doubt that you all will bounce back come game 3. Best of luck. GO CARDS!

  15. ddeee

    Ryan, things happen, that’s why this game is so unpredictable and so amazing. You do what you’re told and what you can and at the end of the day some freak accident like that can take it all away. It was heartbreaking and painful and mindblowingly unfair but we’ll still be at Busch cheering you guys on on Saturday and hopefully the day after and we’ll be back for opening day next year. Don’t listen to the few guys that think they can do it better because you know what – they can’t!

    Cardinal Nation loves you win or lose, that’s why we’re real fans.

    Let’s go Cardinals, let’s go!!!

  16. cardinalcracker@yahoo.com

    You pitched great franklin… no doubt… and you had the save… just… holliday dropped it. BUT that was most definitely a hard play. With it sinking, the lights on you, the white towels waving by the Dodger fans… its hard… I play high school ball… and when i have to play at night with the lights shining on me… there’s no where near as many as there are at dodger stadium… i barely make the catches because you have to find it at the last second… he got one of those tough sinking ones… even harder… he’s great… franklin you are too… those first comments hurt as a cardinal fan… I’m a die hard cards fan… i was there in 2007 and im here now… through the good and bad games im watching till the end… i know we can get hot especially against the dodgers… we beat them 5-7 times in the regular season… its going to be 3-5 now. Go CARDINALS! Get pumped… you started your way to the top, now finish the job!

  17. tgorsch

    If you guys think you can manage a baseball team then why don’t you? Because you guys don’t even have half the knowledge that LaRussa and Duncan have. So until you do you shouldn’t be questioning their descisions because they are probably doing enough of that themselfes. Leave Ryan and the rest of the Cardinals alone. If you don’t like the Cardinals then don’t write on this blog because it doesn’t concern you. I think it’s really cool that the players give us (fans) some insight about their experiences in the game. The series isn’t over until it’s over and Game 3 is going back to Busch Stadium and Pinero is on the mound. You can’t blame one guy for the whole game. It is a team game. Just think Rasmus made a rookie mistake with no one out on his hit that he tried to stretch from a double to a triple. He got thrown out and LaRussa’s reaction said it all. Then when Holliday dropped that ball that hurt us too. Wainwright wasn’t perfect but he was close except for the homerun he gave up to Either. Everyone contributed to the loss so you can’t put it all on Ryan. It’s not his fault. I have never been to a game but I have watched as many Cardinals games that have been on television. I believe we have what it takes to be the first National League team to come back from 0-2 and be the fifth team overall to come back from 0-2. The most rescent was the Red Sox and I believe we have just as much talent as they did if not more. So go get them and know that all of us are rooting for you guys to win the series. LETS GO CARDINALS!!!!!!!!

  18. cardinalcracker@yahoo.com

    By the way… dodgers may be up 2-0… but yeah… haven’t ya heard? what goes up… must come DOWN

  19. sjlk1966

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share your thoughts and experiences. No matter what happens, you and your teammates have given us a great season.

    Muddly17, your post brought tears to my eyes.

    Good luck to you and the team tomorrow, Ryan!

  20. norings4u

    Keep your chin up Ryan. I know last night is a tough loss for all of us to swallow but we still have a shot. With Pineiro pitching tomorrow in front of the home crowd, I hope all the Cards fans make a hell of a lot of noise and wave a hell of a lot of white rally towels! Get mad, get angry, get EVEN! Win tomorrow night and that spells trouble for the Dodgers! They will have to face Carpenter again, at his home! Then face Wainwright next! No way they beat those two again! Good luck to you Ryan and the rest of the boys! Show them what Cardinals baseball is all about!

  21. albertpujols1fan

    I would have appreciated it if you had apologized to us fans. I understand what you are going through but Cardinals fans are getting frustrating with how the hitters are able to hit you now. Maybe you should throw more curveballs instead of cutters. Congrats on a great season Ryan!

  22. albertpujols1fan

    I would have appreciated it if you had apologized to us fans. I understand what you are going through but Cardinals fans are getting frustrating with how the hitters are able to hit you now. Maybe you should throw more curveballs instead of cutters. Congrats on a great season Ryan!

  23. vividwhiteboy@gmail.com

    Hopefully a day off and a change of scenery will help things out. It goes without saying that Saturday is do-or-die, and while I’d prefer for us to get back into this series, I’m happy with the fact that we at least made it *into* post-season. Win or lose (preferably a win, please), I love this team.

  24. tazlaz

    muddly, I love that you went into the Not Today message and edited in the Dodgers where the Astros once were, put in a couple new happenings, and yet, didn’t realize that everything else no longer applies.

    it’s not
    -where many of us watched our first game, caught our first foul ball, begged for our first autograph.
    -where Gibby ruled the mound, where Brock ran like the wind, and where Ozzie made all the folks go crazy.
    -where the El Birdos dominated, where Sutter struck out the last batter of 1982, where Mike Shannon has worked since the joint opened in 1966.
    -where Ol’ Redhead managed, Stan the Man played his harmonica, or The White Rat led us back to glory.
    -where Gussie drove the Clydesdales, where Willie McGee tracked down fly balls, where Joaquin Andujar summed up his philosophy of life in one simple word: Youneverknow.
    -where Big Mac smacked No. 70, where Tommy Lawless flipped his bat, where GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY…BRUMMER’S STEALING HOME!!!!!!!
    -where a beloved old man in a bright red jacket told a mournful nation why it was good and right to play baseball after Sept. 11.
    -where Jack Buck’s coffin rested on that field or where Darryl Kile pitched his last game

  25. claus112797

    Tough loss last night, but always remember “without the bitter, the sweet ain’t as sweet”. Looking foward to the “sweet” during game 5 on Tuesday. Best of luck going forward.

  26. kjuliette1976@yahoo.com

    Ryan, don’t let the doom and gloom of some of theses other posts get to you. You are human, just like the rest of us, it sucks to have to come back from an 0-2 deficit, but it can be done! Time for the best fans in baseball to rally the troops! Let’s go Cardinals, let’s go!

  27. mikesnodgrass64@gmail.com


    You did a good job out there last night. Thanks for sharing your insight and thoughts on what happened. Some people make the comment on excuses, but I don’t think they consider all the other variables of the game… things such as not having many runs on the board. It totally sucks when games are won on blood singles and fly balls lost in the lights.

    As Mom would say, “That’s how the cookie crumbles”. I hope you guys go out in game 3, 4, and 5 and eat ’em up before it can crumble.

    Best of luck! Go Cards!

  28. adamgillmann@gmail.com

    Thanks for taking the time to write these blogs! It is great to hear real thoughts from players, not just what you have to say in front of a camera. Bounce back it right and i have no doubt that we will!! My eyes will be glued to my TV Saturday!! Good Luck CARDS!!

  29. samwest18@gmail.com

    Great game last night! I have been a cards fan since birth! The Dodgers just got lucky. I wish and i think a lot of other cards fans we won the game last night but we didn’t and it’s history. So forget about those two games and bounce back and get the next three! And Cardinals fans, wave those towels every top inning! Hey, if you read these then tell the whole team good luck and forget about those games and get them the next three! GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  30. jsbeckman860@gmail.com

    I could see this coming. We let up again because we had a big lead in the division. I feel that the team should have been challenged to win home field advantage and gone into the play-offs pushing. Instead, we rest players here and try players there until we’re out of sync. You don’t just turn it on when you want to. You’d think that management could figure this out after watching all the Wild Card teams win World Championships because they were pressed at the end of the season and were hitting on all cylinders.

  31. muddly17

    Tazlaz- It’s not about the fact that all that stuff happened AT the current busch stadium but, instead that it happened. As mentioned above, I did not write that. I did put in “a couple new happenings”. It was purely to inspire and light a fire in the fans hearts (I do not believe Ryan reads this… I hope he doesn’t, he should be getting ready for tomorrow) I actually did realize that those things did not fit(since I’m not a moron) but, since I cannot compose the english language as beautifully as the original poster of this message did, I left it pretty much as is. If I ever do find myself with the time to do so, I will post it here.

  32. jsteinbruegge@gmail.com


    First off, thanks for taking the time to setup and write to this blog. It is great to hear the experience from a players eyes.

    Also, don’t let the naysayers here get to you. Some people think the anonymity of the Internet gives them the right to say whatever and however they want.

    I think you did really well with your first two batters and what you did should have produced the final outs we needed to win the game. I was furious with Holliday when the ball was dropped, but I look back today and think as you say, “It happens.”

    You are right, it’s time to move on and bounce back and take the game to the Dodgers back at home! GO CARDS!!!

  33. pumpkin68

    This was a tough loss Ryan but I believe and have faith in the Cardinals because they can come back from a 0-2 deficit and win all three games. The Cardinals team can’t let the Dodgers beat us at our house but if it does so be it has been a tremendous season. I have been a Cardinals fan since I can remember and am cheering them onto victory. I hope all Cardinal fans make the loudest noise than in any other stadium. Go Cardinals!

  34. stlouisgal

    Ryan, I was so mad last night after the loss, but today is a new day. Things happen, and what matters now is what happens tomorrow. You will be in much home, so hopefully that will make a difference. You guys go in there and forget about the last two games. Nothing can be done but move forward.
    And I appreciate the time you take to write a blog and share the inside going ons with us fans. Most players dont do that. I remember blogging with a couple players during the great 2006 post season, and yes, they read our remarks, even if was after the post season.

    Get some rest, and go out there tomorrow and get em!!


  35. mcdowell_cheryl@hotmail.com

    First and foremost, Thanks to all you guys for a great season. Here at our house we bleed Cardinal Red and we cry with you when things go bad and cheer when they go great. Last night we cried a little and then bucked up because it is still not over. Sure we are down 2-0 but every day is a new day. Matt will, Im sure, go over and over that missed catch and every player will try to figure out where they could have changed things. I guess I just want to say take your day off and rest up then show the Dodgers how the Cardinals can shake it off and WIN.

  36. historydoc

    Hi Ryan!
    First, let me say that, as a lifelong Cardinals fan, I am very embarrassed by the handful of fans who came on here and made nasty remarks. Unfortunately, the comments from our critics are often the ones that stick in our minds, even if we know they are unfair or untrue. That’s why I’m posting a comment to you–I want you to remember all the positive posts instead. As with every team’s fanbase, there is a very loud segment of complainers who claim to speak for all of us. Well, they don’t and I think you can see that by the many positive posts on here.

    It was very big-hearted of you to come on here and post your perspective on the 9th inning for us fans. The Dodgers definitely had everything going their way the past 2 nights. Smart Cardinals fans know that you can’t get far in the postseason scoring only 2 runs, hitting 3-23 with RISP, and leaving 21 men on base. As many others have said, I have confidence in you and know you and the team will be ready to go again tomorrow. You’re a talented pitcher with a lot of weapons. So, good luck tomorrow night and remember that the majority of fans are behind you all the way!

  37. kk285@att.net

    Sorry folks I meant to add NATIONAL League. Last night I watched Gardenhire let Joe Nathan face Texiera, Rodriquez and Matsui in the last inning. Combined they were an astounding 17 for 31 against Nathan. Now I ask you if Nathan were unavailable and Gardenhire had three choices in the bullpen what chance would the guy who they hit over .600 against have? answer NONE!! Why Nathan then? Money Money Money plain and simple. He’s your closer and he’s paid a ton of cash to do it. So now tell me how smart do you have to be to be a manager?

    Kenny K

  38. soupytc1966@yahoo.com

    Ryan, ever since you got the new contract you havent done the job. I think the money worked on your head and I would have felt better if they would have left Miller in to finish the job. He has been the most consistent of all the relievers.

  39. bob_gibson_68

    Wow. I decided to take a peek at comments after realizing that Ryan had this blog. I can’t believe some of the “fans” on this board. I was a little down about the loss. My gf and younger brother were crushed, but by the next day they had moved on. I guess because I’ve been a fan since 1973 or so, I’m 42 years old, and I’ve suffered wins and losses throughout my life as an athlete, fan, and merely in life itself, I’ve learned how to handle losing here and there better than some. To those of you who came on here to rake Ryan over the coals as if the Dodgers are a team of high schoolers and as if Ryan hasn’t been one of the top closers in the league this year and has had a long career, which in itself takes more talent, hard work, and commitment than nearly every negative commenter on this board combined have: grow up and give the man some encouragement. We have a game today and Ryan is one of the reasons we’re in the playoffs. His track record this season shows that he’ll take care of business next time. The idiot who said that he’s been struggling since the All-star break is wrong.

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