Workout day, sort of

Everybody is kind of tired today, but everybody is in good spirits. Everybody’s got their mind in the right spot. I haven’t seen one person walking around here talking about how our season is over. We know we’ve got to win tomorrow, so that’s all we’re thinking about.

We didn’t have a full workout today because of the bad weather, but all of the pitchers went out and threw. I did my normal routine. I think that’s what everybody needed to do, was go do their normal routine. Or at least as much as we could without getting on the field. But everybody’s on the up. We’re doing good.

So the weather wasn’t really a problem. They’ve got to deal with it too.


Thats good to hear Ryan. It sounds like you guys have your head in the right place! Cant wait to see you guy take the win on Saturday! Thanks for the post! Stay dry!

Sure was an exciting game to watch last night, good luck Saturday We’ll be watching! Let’s get it done guys!!

Ryan, best of luck to you and everyone tomorrow. Stay focused! Two wins and home and you’re back there in LA to erase the bad memories. Sending good thoughts your way from upstate NY!! Go Cards!!!

Ryan, We’re the underdogs… always have been. So have fun and show them what you got. Go Cards!!! from a Cardinals fan in Chicago.

Ryan, everyone back here in Sprio is behind you. Just do what you do best, throw the ball. Do what got you there. Just act like you’re back at Sprio high and having fun. Jerry and I live and die on every pitch. We feel the pressure so you don’t have , too. We are Bulldog proud….GOOD LUCK from Spiro!!! 3 in a row…

My husband and I will be rooting for you all the way! We Cards fans never give up, and we know our players wont either! I watched the Cardinals special last night, it was similar to the Cardinals Nation show that is on every Sunday morning during the season. It gets the fans excited, and it reminded us of how rich our Cardinals history is….they were talking about Dizzy Dean, Pepper Martin, and a few others….continue to make some good history!


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